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“The Ethics and Future of Health Care in the U.S.”  Please respond to the following:


  1. Justify a hospital’s adoption of ethical protocols which cater to both affluent and indigent populations. From a moral standpoint, compare the primary services that the hospital may give to both. As a health administrator, predict the major hurdles of any major hospital facing government cutbacks. Outline a small contingency plan for minimizing excess spending.

  2. Assert your position on whether Medicaid and Medicare would have available funds given the series of government cutbacks. Justify your response. Recommend a plan to ensure that future funding will be available for all. Highlight any personal thoughts that you feel may alleviate various present concerns and ensure fairness in the promulgated plan.

  3. Examine the legal and ethical issues pertaining to end of life care and elaborate on the organizational responsibility to the patient and their families.


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