Discuss the nature of economics

 IT’S ON THE SUBJECT MATTER OR CONTENT OF THE COURSE, FOR EXA,PLE, ELASTICITY; ABOUT 1,200 WORDS IN LENGTH; TYPED AND DOUBLE-SPACED. USE THE RUBRIC IN ATTACHMENTS. NOT USING THIS RUBRIC WILL HAVE NO EFFECT ON YOUR SCORE The aim is to write a course review paper ( what we learned in this course ECON202 online course ) Here is the title of the chapters : 1-the nature of economics2-scarcity and the world of trade-offs3-supply and demand4demand and supply elasticity5-consumer behavior6-rents, profits and the financial environment of business7-the firm : cost and output determination8-perfect competition9-monopoly10the labor market: demand , supply, and outsourcing11-income, poverty and health care12-environmental economics13-comperative advantage and the open economy14-exchange rates and the balance of payments

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