Discuss Public Health Applications in the US.

Find an article for which the topic is health care.  The article may be about US health care or of another country; health care services; health care costs; health care insurance and so on.  Potential resources for finding an article are on the next page.      Title of Article: Author: Date of Article: Source (publication name, page (if applicable) and/or website address) Date Accessed: All responses below to be in complete sentencesOne Paragraph Summary of Article:          Importance/Relationship to Health Care:      Public Health Applications:     Discussion Question for Class: (inpatient and outpatient care)     Possible Organizations, Publications, Websites, and any organization (website) mentioned in course textbook:           Weekly news magazines such as Time, Newsweek, etc. are acceptable.  Monthly publications may also be appropriate.please attach the article you used with answer and no plagiarizing please. am using turnitin to sumbit the home work.   

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