Discuss Factors In Favor of and Against Finding “factors for” and “factors against” a position is a versatile tool for critical thinkers.

Assignment 2: Factors In Favor of and AgainstFinding “factors for” and “factors against” a position is a versatile tool for critical thinkers. In this assignment, you will practice this technique more formally by examining one of several contemporary issues.Using your readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research methods for creating arguments using factors for and factors against an issue.Select a topic for use in this assignment. It is recommended that you choose a topic that is personally meaningful or interesting to you. Examples of topics can include, but are not limited to, the following:For the selected topic, complete the following:Include the following two parts in your completed assignment:Compile a matrix (using the template below) that lists and ranks six arguments  and six arguments  the issue you have selected. Rank the reasons for each side of the issue from strongest to weakest. After you have compiled your matrix, write a 500–700-word paper in Word format. This essay should explain and synthesize the information in your matrix. Defend why you have ranked each argument as either strong or weak. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.Include both parts of your assignment in a single document, using the template found . Name your file: LastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.doc.By , deliver your assignment to the .

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