design a little game according to bisity game maker

For your first Bitsy assignment, try to make a playable PROTOTYPE of your game. This is a very early, very basic version that just shows off a few of your ideas for the game and tries to make them work in Bitsy.

When we talked with Pat, he said that the first major milestone in game design was whether you could make something that was fun for 1 minute. So aim for 1 minute of play in the beginning. If it’s a little longer or a little shorter, that’s fine, but try to make a very short experience, given that you only have 2 days to work on it.

As an example, consider my prototype Journey-inspired Bitsy game, which was probably 1 to 3 minutes long. Your game can be shorter and simpler than that.

As I suggested in class, feel free to steal ideas from other games, both Bitsy and non-Bitsy games. OPTIONAL: If you’re not sure what to make, consider making (1) a Bitsy game inspired by your Game Analysis project, (2) a Bitsy version of one of the games we played for class, (3) a Bitsy game about a real-world issue that you care about, or (4) a semi-autobiographical Bitsy game about an experience that you had.

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