Describe the problem. Identify the data that was utilized and the analysis method(s)

Here is my question from last week: Provide an example describing a situation when you needed to use data and data analysis to drive a decision in your line of work. Describe the problem. Identify the data that was utilized and the analysis method(s). I have uploaded my classmates responses for this week’s assignment. For the file please write a paragraph as if you addressing each student scholarly about where they were wrong or right about this week’s assignment. I have uploaded a student response example about how I want it done. I have last uploaded my essay from last week for comparison purposes. I need 4 sources for this essay. Please find 2 sources per student.

tell the writer i already answered the question for last week what he needs to do is for the file labeled student responses marketing i wrote two student responses for the question in the instruction
tell the writer to write the paper in this format only: Hi student response 1, It’s great to hear from someone who is almost done in my same degree program. This is my 5th course in the Healthcare Informatics MBA program and I’d love to chat sometime about how the process was for you. So far, I’ve been loving it! I’m in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia and I’d love to say we’re neighbors, but I know just how far Western PA is from Philadelphia! LOL. but more scholarly
write the paper in this format for for each student response:”I enjoyed reading your example. I currently work with an access database as well and have loved learning how to build queries to obtain the information needed for higher management.”

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