"Death Cafe."

“Death Cafe.”

We cannot come together in real-time as a class at a cafe and order coffee over which to discuss our concerns, wonderings, fears, and plans regarding our mortal condition, and our inevitable death. Instead, we will express our thoughts in the discussion board. Read the article by Wong and listen to the NPR report. Look at the websites for “Kicking the Bucket” and “Death Cafe.” This activity aligns with module outcome 3.

  • When you think about your own death or the death of one of your family members or friends, what are or have been the greatest fears and concerns?
  • At the end of the NPR story, it states, “And as the death cafe movement expands — talking about everything from advanced care directives to grieving rituals — it ends up being about not so much how we die but how we live.” Do you agree or not? Please explain. Are death cafes really about how we live? If so, what specific actions can you take now to have a good death and that will lead to living life more fully?


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