d5 please select 2 of the following prompts and post your response

Select 2 of the following prompts

  1. What are normative age-related changes in fluid and crystallized intelligence?
  2. What does the P-FIT theory propose regarding the origins of intelligence?
  3. Do social and lifestyle variables have an impact on intellectual functioning? If so, in what way(s)?
  4. What was Project ACTIVE? What was learned from this project?
  5. Briefly describe Piaget’s four stages of cognitive
  6. How does the relationship between emotion and logic change over the life span?
  7. Briefly describe the components and their developmental trajectory in Denney’s model of unexercised and optimally exercised abilities.
  8. Are there age-related differences in problem solving?
  9. Are adult learners different from their younger counterparts? If so, in what ways?
  10. What is creativity, and how does it change across the life span?

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