crt 100 week 2

  • Background Beliefs/Bias

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    TEDRadio Hour Podcast: “Growing Up” (8/1/2014) DUE 9/6

    What makes us who we are? How do parents mold children into who they are? In this hour, TED speakers reflect on how our upbringing shapes us.Listen and then respond to the thread in the Discussion Board for Week 2.Find instructions on how to access podcasts for your phone in the Course Materials section.

  • Assignment

    Project Implicit DUE 9/6

    Project Implicit is a non-profit organization that conducts research to determine how people really feel about certain social issues. They offer several tests that can help you figure out how you really think and feel about groups of people and controversial subjects. A note before beginning: You don’t need to register, you can do it as a guest. Also, you’ll need a desktop computer or laptop (something with a real keyboard) for this activity.Step 1: Reflect. How do you think you feel about that subject? For instance, if you chose religion, ask yourself:“Am I a tolerant person when it comes to religion or do I have strong opinions about religions, religious people or religious practices?” Answer as honestly as you can, you’ll be required to report on this later.Step 2: Assess. Complete 2 of the tests offered.Step 3: Report. For each test: 1) What did you expect your result on the test would be? 2) Where/how do you think your ideas on this subject developed? 3) What was the actual outcome? 4) Do you think the test accurately reflects how you feel about that subject? 5) Were the results surprising or not and why?

  • Assignment

    Issue of Public Concern Organizational Outline DUE 9/6

    Use this outline as a pre-writing assignment by making notes and brief sentences on what you’ll write about for each point before you begin writing your first draft.
    Copy and paste the prompts below into the submission box, and answer the prompts as they appear.I. The issue you’ll write about this semester and a thesis statement that clearly indicates what you want to prove or convince the reader/listener of. If I were you, I’d include the word should somewhere in this statement. It also should appear no later than your second paragraph.II. Overview of your opinion:III. An opposing opinion of the issue: IV. Discuss how this issue has affected your own life, giving examples from your own experience:V. Three possible solutions to the issue:1.2.3.

    • Use persuasive language to convince the reader they should agree.

    In “Growing Up,” Lemn Sissay says that “…we carry our stories and they become so airtight that we can suffocate ourselves with them.” What is the danger in suffocating in your story? Why does there need to be some room to breathe? Give an example of someone (yourself, a friend, family member, a celebrity or political figure, etc.) who suffered because they were too focused on their story.

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