creating persuasive business plan online media marketing

In any type of business, the most important skill is proper communication. A message is more effective when it is a persuasive message. Communicating in a persuasive method in the business plan would help others buy into the idea and concept of the business.

In order to construct a persuasive proposal, the first step is to plan. The next step is to determine the target audience. You can cater the wording of the plan to the audience you are targeting. An effective persuasive communication plan must provide answers before questions have been asked. It will also attract attention, build trust, and encourage desired outcomes.

The beginning of the plan must gain the audience’s attention. Persuasion cannot occur without having your audience’s attention. Once the persuasive message is delivered, it must be supported with cold hard facts. The data and numbers provided at the end of the plan supporting the descriptions will prove the beginning sections of the planned therefore selling the plan.

With this in mind, complete the following in an essay format:

  1. Provide at least five ideas for making a business plan more persuasive.
  2. Describe your ideas as they relate to an Internet business of your choice (be sure to include the name and URL of the business you have chosen).

The assignment should be approximately 1 page in length.

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