computer question 3 1

1.Smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and game consoles use operating systems like personal computers. Which operating system is on your phone? What are some of the pros and cons of your smartphone operating system compared to your personal computer operating system (e.g., do you have trouble loading Web pages on your phone)? If you do not use a smartphone, choose another device that uses an operating system for comparison. write a post in couple sentences

2. I have an iPhone 6s. I need to upgrade! my iOS software is on version 12.4 which is up to date. My computer is a Windows machine so it has the Microsoft Windows OS. The pros of my iPhone is that it has a touch screen which I find easier to use than a mouse pad on my laptop. I also like that my phone and it’s operating system are small and portable. I can have access to everything I need at any given moment.

Agree or disagree within 2-3 sentences

number the answers as it is in questions


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