computer exercise 5 excel note that you re submitting two separate files in two places

***IMPORTANT NOTE: on Exercise 5 Part 2, when working on the AND command, where it says “In the Logical 2 box, type C16>=B16*1.05and click OK. The formula returns TRUE, which means that both conditions in the formula have been met. ” it should return FALSE! This is because it they did not increase their sales by 10% (they actually returned by ~9.909% which, while pedantic, highlights that these equations are specific. So there is only one TRUE and the rest are FALSE in this section.***

In this Excel exercise, you can use commands on the Formulas tab to create formulas to conditionally summarize data, apply conditional logic, format, modify text, and even create the necessary equations to calculate what you need to earn on subsequent assignments to earn a specific grade!

For this week, You need to watch this 30-minute introduction to Excel, it gives you an overview of the basic component that you need to know on how to manage working in this environment.

  • A 30-minute introduction

Computer Exercise Instructions: You’ll be following along exactly!

Note that this is a two-part assignment in that you work on two, separate Excel files (don’t worry, the instruction tell you which). You’ll be uploading those Excel files in their own location. An important note to keep in mind: all of these functions also exist in other spreadsheet products, though they obviously will have slightly distinct interfaces.

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