complete three disc posts


This week you have learned about managing teams and methods of communication. To demonstrate how teams and effective communication are applied in the workplace, this week’s discussion forum will involve researching an article using one of the following sources:

  • USA Today (
  • Wall Street Journal (
  • New Your Times (
  • Forbes (
  • Bloomberg Business Week (
  • Inc. Magazine (
  • Economist (
  • Entrepreneur (
  • Harvard Business Review- (

Your task is to choose a current article (published in last 60 days) from one of the above-listed sources that relate to how managers develop teams and/or communicate as part of their responsibilities.

  • What type of communication is most effective when managing/leading teams? If communication is all that important, why is it that managers still struggle with it?
  • What key points in the article support your statements?


For the Week 5 discussion, we are going to practice conveying information. Explore the Storycorps link provided below. Most clips are less than 4 minutes. Watch a few of them, and select one story that interests you.

For your initial post of 75-150 words, write a detailed paragraph sharing the story. Explain who they are, what their story or experience was about, and why it held significance for you. Include details! Don’t forget to include the link to your specific story chosen.


Endoscopies are very common procedures. Describe endoscopies and their importance to medical treatment. A surgical endoscopy often reimburses more than a diagnostic endoscopy, but not twice as much. Why do you think that is? Also, give an example of a diagnostic and surgical endoscopy.

When you respond to your fellow students’ posts, do you agree or disagree with their posts, and why or why not?

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