company performance

Pick a company of your choice. Preferably it should be a public company whose financial data is easily available on Internet. Conduct a comprehensive research on the company of your choice, based on its most current financial statements available (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement). Once you finish your research, please answer the following questions:

1) Give a brief history of the company- (2 points)

2) Analyze the overall financial health of the company based on your research on the financial statements ( 6 points). Is the stock price overvalued or undervalued? (6 points).

3) Pick one major competitor of your company. How is your company performing vs its one major competitor in the industry. (4 points).

4) Would you recommend this stock to a new investor? (2 points). Please submit your project in the form of answers to the 4 questions above. Credit given to answers which show evidence of research and critical thinking skills.

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