Communication Chapter 9 Interpersonal Relationships

1) Your current romantic partner seems to be moving too fast for your liking. You want to take things a lot slower, yet you don’t want to turn this person off; this may be The One. What might you say (and where might you say it) to get your partner to proceed more slowly?

2) Your colleagues at your new job have been bullying a junior col-league ever since you arrived at the job a few months ago. What are some of your choices for helping your colleague without doing anything that will make you the next victim?

3) Your partner is excessively possessive—at least from your point of view. You can’t meet other people or even communicate with them online without your partner questioning/ feeling ignored. What might you do to reduce (or ideally stop) this possessiveness without destroying the relationship?


Interpersonal Messages, 4th edition by Joseph Devito.

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