communication 141

Part 1

Electronic Communication

Effective communication is an important part of the success of any relationship, particularly in the business world. In this unit, you will look more closely at the different types or kinds of communication that are typically encountered, and when it is best to use one method or mode of communication over the other. In addition, common barriers to effective communication will be described.

For example, electronic communications are swift, effective, and efficient, but can often also be a source of miscommunication. As a case in point, email is a common form or method of communication in today’s busy world because it is quick, easy, and time efficient. However, email is often the source of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

  • Identify three advantages and three limitations to using one of the electronic methods of communications that are described in this week’s reading.
  • Describe and provide an example for each advantage and limitation.
  • Discuss why you may want to use a combination of emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings to effectively communicate with your team.

Part 2

Barriers to and Types of Communication

Did you ever have a conversation with someone and it felt as if you were just not getting through? Perhaps you were not clear on what the person was saying or asking of you? Sometimes, we do not understand what someone else is communicating because of our perceptions and communication barriers.

  • Describe two barriers to effective communication that are discussed in your text.
  • Provide an example of at least two of these barriers that you have experienced.
  • Describe steps you could take to overcome these barriers.
  • Explain how overcoming these barriers could help you when working in teams.
  • Describe the importance of oral, written, and non-verbal communication in effective communication.
  • Describe how the different types of communication (e.g., upward, downward, lateral, formal, informal) affect the type of communication selected.

Complete each part separately with a minimum of 350 words using at lease 2 references

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