cj 480 milestone one

Overview: In this capstone experience, you will refine the skills you have acquired throughout this degree program. Upon completion of this capstone experience, after you have gained a solid foundation in criminological theory, law, ethics, methods of inquiry, leadership, technology, and international criminal justice, you will be positioned to contribute your competency of criminal justice in your future role as a criminal justice professional. Starting with this module, you will complete work that will lead up to the final submission of the capstone project. In this module, you will select an agency from the Agency List handout or a different agency approved by your instructor and establish communication with a representative at that agency. This selection supports Milestone Three, the findings and recommendations report, due in Module Six. You will connect either in person or virtually (by telephone, video conference, or email) with this contact and ask them to identify a key issue affecting that agency that would be helpful to have you investigate. If you are not able to get in contact with an agency, you may use the agency’s website and the agency‘s mission and vision for the foundation of your project. This is the first step in the capstone process.

This will be the first of three milestones that will culminate in a successful capstone project due in Module Seven. Remember to consult the Capstone Project Template for more guidance on the components of your capstone project as you take this initial step.

Prompt: Once you have established that line of communication (or identified your agency) and established an issue affecting your selected agency, you will submit an issue statement explaining the issue with that particular agency. In this submission, you should also describe the community’s demographics. This will become the “Overview of Community and Need” section of Milestone Two: Agency Needs Assessment.

Make sure to include the following critical elements in your paper:

  • Select an agency either approved by the instructor or from the Agency List handout
  • Identify an issue affecting the community served by the selected agency
  • Provide a brief overview of the issue to address
  • Describe the demographics of the community served by the agency
  • Describe how the issue impacts the community

The Selected agency is located here https://www.houstoncountyga.org/government/sheriff.cms

And some info after reaching out to that agency information is:

Fact that there is a shortage of officers as an issue and the demographics is a wide range.They have multiple nationalities along with a wide range of rich to poor ratio with the population.

The shortage of officers is making morale go down and cause a longer wait to answer the public’s calls for help.

They have all races live inside of Houston county. We have entire spanish communities inside the county but very few officers who can communicate with them.

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