the effects of drug abuse of mental health of a child

I need a single page discussion regarding the topic: The effects of drug abuse of mental health of a child. Paper format APA

accounting discussion 3 1

Wanda Roberts is president of Best Texts. She has no accounting background. Wanda cannot understand why fair value is not used as the basis for all accounting measurement and reporting. What measurement principle is used in accounting? Why is this principle important?

600 words no formatting required no plagiarism


absolutely NO previously used assignments

Has to be your own words – 2 reliable references needed – no direct quotes –

600+ words – No formatting Required – No plagiarism!!! (I do check)

Question to answer:

  1. What has been the impact of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreements on cross border trade in North America?

lab done asap

I need a lab done at a high level for Friday April 12th at 12pm(noon)

-Toronto Canada Time zone.

-Part A and B completed.

create discrete action steps to proactively build  your professional identity?

This discussion is the sixth in which you focus your post and  responses within your specialization. On the subject line, place the  name of your specialization, then your name. (General Psychology)

How can you take the information in this unit, using your  professional interests and background, and factoring in your doctoral  degree, and begin to create discrete action steps to proactively build  your professional identity?

Begin by working through the Career Planning Checklist introduced in this unit’s second study:

  • In what areas have you already taken action? Briefly provide examples.
  • What areas have you not yet considered? Describe ideas that might work for you.
  • What kinds of action steps would make sense in the next few weeks or months?

fixed income

answer the five questions, just read the word and answer the 5 questions and show your steps or details

breakfast club movie assignment

answer the following questions, making sure to refer to specific examples/scenes from the movie to support your conclusions:

    1. Which of the characters from the movie had the most accurate self-concept?
    2. Which character was most self-aware?
    3. Which character had the largest “Open Self?”
    4. Which character had the largest “Hidden Self?”
    5. Which character had the largest “Blind Self?”
    6. Which character had the highest self-esteem?
    7. Which character had the lowest self-esteem?
    8. Which characters inappropriately self-disclosed personal information?
    9. Which character most directly exhibited the self-fulfilling prophecy?

Each of these nine questions should require approximately one paragraph.  Be sure to supply specific examples from the movie to connect to your response and the respective concept.

After you post your responses to these questions, respond to at least two people who disagree with at least two of your conclusions and continue the discussion

arson investigation 4026812 2

You are a senior member of an arson investigations unit. You are being supported by newly assigned criminal investigators from a street crime unit, who don’t have must experience in the investigation of arson crimes. These investigators have had training in the physical evidence collection process, but they look to you for legal guidance in terms of their presence in an arson scene. You must prepare guidelines for the new investigators to ensure that they are not violating the law and legally tainting evidence by their actions at the crime scene of an arson investigation.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 3–5 pages:
    • Describe the crime scene parameters of an arson fire, including one where an explosive reaction may have occurred.
    • Identify the role of the fire department personnel and their authority at an arson fire.
    • What is the authority of the state fire marshal’s office or its equivalent? Explain.
      • What specific responsibilities does this agency have? Explain.
    • Explain to the investigators under your command what role the medical examiner or coroner has when a body is discovered at an arson scene.
    • Once the scene is declared safe by the fire department and the crime scene search can commence, under what circumstances can the investigators conduct a search? Explain.
    • What is to be done with a warrant if no property owner is available? Explain.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

ppt topic and a paper

Topic: Cloud Computing security

Need a PPT of 10 Slides and

A paper related to topic with 300 – 500 words in APA format with Inline citations and references.

PFA for abstract topic.

Cloud computing is one of the most utilized services in the world today. Internet users are relying on cloud models to access data and files in their social media accounts. Clients can access remote servers with the help of cloud services. Cloud offers benefits such as lower charges, flexibility, and minimal time. Nevertheless, unsteady internet connections can deter people from using the service.

cell phone industry analysis

WK2 Homework PART 1 – General Environment Homework Instructions:

Use the Cell Phone Industry (iPhone division of Apple)

Example for the Political/Legal Environment:

Step 1 – Things happen in the environment (you observe these):

Example Observation: The Tariff War with China may impact the iPhone supply chain

Step 2 – Decide what this means for Apple in terms of Opportunities and Threats:

Opportunity: Identify one or two?

Threat: Identify one or two

Step 3 – Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for each of the six General Environment factors

Step 4 – Draw three IMPORTANT Strategic Implications for the iPhone managers from the observations you have made across the six environments (A Strategic Implication is a strategic program that an ENTIRE company, not a functional division, needs to plan and implement in order to respond to a coming shift in its strategic situation).

Step 5 – Prioritize the Strategic Implications you drew and explain your reasoning for placing the Strategic Implications in the order you placed them.

Example of a Strategic Implication:

iPhone managers must develop and maintain a competitive-level of iPhone functionality.

NOTE: Implications are not function specific. Bargain for price reductions for iPhone components is not a Strategic Implication because it would be done by only the the purchasing department.

NOTICE FOR YOUR FUTURE IN THIS COURSE: SI’s will require a set of coordinated and related set of actions by managers in various functional areas of the company. These actions are called Functional Recommendations in this course. You will NOT be making these for this exercise. For example, “AAPL needs to advertise more” is a functional recommendation not a strategic one because it is done by the Marketing Function not the entire company. “AAPL needs to position its iPhone as a technology leader” is strategic because it needs integrated actions by multiple functions of the company. For example, various functional areas must do tasks in their area of responsibility – e.g.- marketing needs to change the brand image, R&D needs to enhance technical performance, operations has to figure out how to make it, and so on.

WEEK 2 Homework PART 2 – Homework Porter’s Five-Forces Template:

Complete a similar process for the Porter’s Five-Forces Template and draw at least two SI’s for Apple.

  1. Identify the major competitors or competitive threats
  2. Assess the level of threat, power, intensity competitors/threats of each Force
  3. Identify at least two SI’s for Apple in the iPhone division based upon your assessment of the Competitive Environment.
  4. Incorporate them in your list of Strategic Implications and place each in its correct priority position and explain why it belongs in that position.

MAKE SURE you do the 5-forces analysis for the Cell Phone industry itself, not just Apple iPhone’s.