case case case 1

Read The Pixar Case first and then answer the following questions. Your statements need to be highly supported.

1.Discuss key elements in Pixar’s external environment that the firm should be aware of as it pursues its strategy.What do you see as the key external factors that could affect Pixar? Identify two key elements you see in its general environment (macro-environment) and two key industry forces the firm needs to be aware of and be sure to discuss the implications of these for the firm.

2.Using the five categories discussed in the lecture (physical, financial, human, organizational, and social), evaluate the resources of Pixar.Do you believe these resources and capabilities afford the firm a sustainable competitive advantage?Why or why not?

3.What types of investments should the firm make to both enhance its resource set and respond to environmental pressures?

The assignment questions will be based on cases in the text or business articles posted.

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