Case Assignment

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Case write-up:

  • Length is 2-3 pages, no less and no more
  • Must be typed
  • Should be written in complete sentences; bullets are acceptable, but paragraphs work better for analysis
  • At the top of the page should be your name, RMI 370 Spring 2020, the name of the case, and the date
  • Your submission can be printed on both sides of the page. Staple multiple pages together as needed.
  • Do not submit in a binder, folder, or with any sort of cover.
  • The primary grading criteria is content – answer the questions thoroughly, please. Thus, 80% of a case write-upgrade is content.
  • Organization and clarity issues will cause you to lose points, too. Hence, 15% of a case write-up is organization and clarity of expression.
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation matters less so, accounting for 5% of a case write-up grade.


If the case seems to be an exemplar – an example of good practice, then address these questions and instructions:

  1. Write a 5-8 sentence paragraph in your own words summarizing the reading.
  2. Is there a certain area of RM that this case emphasizes? If so, what is it, and how do you know that? If not, why not?
  3. What “good RM practices” appear in the reading? How do you think these practices might differ between a for-profit versus a not-for-profit organization? What about a small business versus a large corporation? Explain carefully.
  4. Are there any challenges mentioned? If so, describe them.
  5. Write five questions that remain unanswered about RM in the organization as it is implemented, after you have read the case.

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