cango final presentation


CanGo Final Project


**Must include** Strategic Planning Recommendations            


**Must include** Conclusion  


Week 7 FINAL PRESENTATION (Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010)




Each consulting team will submit to the CanGo management team a definitive presentation addressing CanGo’s notable challenges, the team’s recommendations, in priority sequence, with justifications, for how to resolve the challenges at CanGo. The teams will use the weekly video episodes to observe the challenges at CanGo, how the personnel are performing, seeing where there are gaps and/or how their performance as well as that of CanGo’s operations can be enhanced.




Week 8 FINAL REPORT (Using Microsoft Word 2010)




Your team’s Final Report must support your PowerPoint 2010 presentation. The report will contain details of the challenges that CanGo faces, the team’s recommendations to resolve the challenges along with supporting plans and actions.




Use the Final Report Rubrics document (found in Document Sharing) as a guide for the expected content and sections for this report.




Format of the paper:




You may prepare other materials (Gantt charts, diagrams, etc.) to support your conclusions and recommendations.


Paper length: 2000 – 2500 Words.


Font face: Times New Roman


Font size: 12 pt


Line spacing: Double spaced


Margins: Left, Right, Top and Bottom must not exceed 1 inch




If you quote or paraphrase from external sources, you must cite the sources in the body of your documents and add the source to a separate reference page. Use APA citation format for all assignments submitted for DeVry Online undergraduate courses.


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