cancer research project reoprt


This assessment task contributes to the development of the following :

1. Disciplinary knowledge and its appropriate application.

2. An inquiry-oriented approach.

3. Professional skills and their appropriate application.

4. Communication skills.


1-Ability to research contents for the most up to date information and present them in a clear and concise written manner.

2-Clear journal article structured logical writing with an appropriate bibliography.

3-Accuracy of knowledge of the subject matter and understanding.

4-Accurate group data analysis.

5-Appropriate group data interpretation.

6-The ability to reflect on the task process and your role in it


You will investigate and discover the impact of gene mutation on the development of cancer. You will conduct a transfection of mammalian cells with a mutated gene that protects against cancer and analyse the uncontrolled cell proliferation. This investigation will be conducted over four weeks. You will analyse and interpret the data and present this as a scientific journal article report. Student professional skills will be developed through using an enquiry-oriented approach by performing the laboratory experiment in teams (teamwork skills), data handling, accuracy of calculations and the determination of appropriate conclusions. Student communication skills will be developed through writing a clear report in proper journal style with an appropriate bibliography. Student continued intellectual development is supported by the critical thinking as well as the scientific literature searches/retrieval required to successfully complete this task. Written feedback will be provided.

Note: All reports making use of published materials, should be properly referenced using the Harvard referencing style with a properly completed bibliography .

note: NO web site.

Note: I put example( it from my friend plz do not copy and paste), see files attached All( Results, Data in Excel, and the other file the steps of expirement and Guideline for writing report and dow you can make the tables in Excel)

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