Business Organization Basics.

  • Business Organization Basics: Discuss the legal obligations (from a Human Resources perspective) a company and managers may

have in the following situation.

The setting is a company break room. Frank is a corporate sales supervisor known for “flirting”

with female sales associates. Mary is a young female sales professional.

Frank: “I see you finally landed the Chairs R’ Us account, I bet that took a lot of ‘persuasion’

  • on your end. I saw that you took Mr. Miller out to lunch five times this week. I bet he enjoyed’


Mary: (puzzled) “Yes, I am very excited about the account. Mr. Miller and I spent a great deal of

time working out the sales contract. He is a very nice man.”

Frank: (walks closer to Mary) “I bet he is. Listen, I have to sign off on your expense report for

these lunch meetings. I think it will be a good idea if we discuss this over dinner tonight. I mean…

I just want to make sure everything is legitimate for the big bosses, you know. I mean… I wouldn’t

want you to get in trouble or anything.”

Mary: (begins to feel apprehensive) “I think it will be better if I just meet you tomorrow at the

  • office. I have an open hour at 10 a.m. tomorrow, is that all right?”

Frank: (walks even closer to Mary) “I really think it is in your best interest to meet with me

tonight for dinner. You might get in trouble on this expense account, and if you want me to sign

off…you are going to have to give me a reason….you know what I mean?”

Mary refuses Frank’s advances by walking away and immediately contacts Human Resources.

At this point, describe what happened to Mary. Describe the legal boundaries that Frank’s actions

crossed and develop a course of action to correct this work environment as you see best. Use your

knowledge gained within this phase to discuss sexual harassment, disparate treatment, and/or

hostile work environment elements within this scenario. Did Frank abuse his position of power,

authority, and trust as a supervisor? Additionally, discuss federal laws, agencies, and protections

pertinent to this situation.

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