both afua hirsch s brit ish and the 2017 movie i daniel blake portray different visions of modern britain describe how the history of britain between 1945 and the present day has shaped the visions of society that they demonstrate 1

4 pages (double-spaced) in length, with 12-point regular font (Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.) and 1-inch margins. Quotations and paraphrasing from the sources or the textbook must be properly cited with footnotes.[1] I expect all exams to be thoroughly proof-read: papers with significant grammatical errors and typos will be docked.

  • Introduction (1-2 paragraphs), 10%: ‘A’ essays have an introduction that sets up the context for their paper, and indicates the historical claims they intend to make. “Over the past 75 years, X, Y, and Z have contributed to the vision of modern Britain shown in these two media”
  • Body (3-5 paragraphs), 60%: The body will provide specific examples taken from the lecture material, the Vernon textbook, or outside sources to support their claims. ‘A’ essays provide at least four specific pieces of evidence that clearly back up the argument, and will persuasively justify the reasons why they have been chosen.
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph), 10%: The conclusion is intended to tie it all together, restating major points developed in the body of the essay and explaining how they support the argument of the paper.
  • Writing, 10%: ‘A’ essays are organized, use smooth transitions between paragraphs and ideas, use language that clearly communicates ideas, and are grammatically correct.
  • Formatting/Technical, 10%. Improperly formatted essays (those that do not follow font, margin, or footnote guidelines) or those with many typographical errors or many long quotations will be docked.

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