Book Memo (3 pages double spaces paper)

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With a unique opportunity and an effort to offer professional development within our agency, our students will read a different business book each quarter. Through this book, our students will write a “memo” describing the book through an analysis of it.

Memo Format Headers (Label each section separately to ensure the reader understands where one section ends and the next starts):

  1. Synopsis of the book: One page synopsis (executive summary) of the book as a whole describing key areas and important issues. (1 page)
  2. Business and Client Relevancy: Discuss how the book and the subject matter is relevant to the business world today. Discuss how the ideas, concepts and subject matter is relevant to your client and relate it back to the goals of your client this quarter in Central Communication Agency. Discuss how your client can take the ideas from this book and strengthen their overall communication and business strategy. (1 page)
  3. Student Relevancy and Reaction: Summarize all of your findings into a page as a conclusion to the readings. What is your reaction to the reading and the author’s thoughts? Do you agree with everything that he described? What would you argue against? What were your largest takeaways personally? How can you personally or professionally grow from reading this book? Discuss how the book and the subject matter is relatable to what you are learning within the classroom. (1 page)
    1. Points Possible: 50 pts
    2. Synopsis: 20 pts
    3. Business/Client Relevancy: 20 pts
    4. Student Relevancy: 10 pts

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