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capitalism and us economy 1

  In a command or planned economy, the government, not the market, regulates the factors of production and economic activities considered essential to the function of the economy. Economic decisions including what goods and services to produce (supply), how resources are allocated and regulated and how profits are distributed are made and implemented by the […]

benchmark assignment 9

Read the Topic 5 Ted Case Study. Create a 1,200-1,500-word safety plan for a client similar to Ted, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia that addresses potential depression and suicidality. Include the following in your safety plan: What symptoms would a client with schizophrenia exhibit? What symptoms did Ted display? How would you have addressed […]

criminal justice and history art questions

PART 1A DISCUSSION: Review the case of Plessy v. Ferguson Link (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)and then review the case of Brown v. Board of Education https://www.oyez.org/cases/1940-1955/347us483 . (Links to an external site.) Utilizing the case information and your textbook answer the following questions; 1). Did the United States Supreme […]

eng 111 discussion 1

Welcome to the first discussion! In this course you will complete a weekly discussion. The discussion will run for two weeks and will consist of an initial post due during the first week, and two classmate responses due during the second week. Are you ready to begin? 1. Watch segments 1 and 3 of Creative […]

differential equations 5

Find two linearly independent solutions of 2x^(2)y”-xy’+(6x+1)y=0, x>0 of the form    y1= x^(r1)*(1+a1x+a2x^2+a3x^x+…) y2= x^(r2)*(1+ b1x+b2x^2+b3x^3+…)   r1=?? a1=?? a2=?? a3=??   r2=?? b1=?? b2=?? b3=??

some college algebra homework

I get some basic college algebra homework to do, it’s about 55 questions, they are very easy, questions are on www.mymathlab.com  course name is MA134-12 and the homework is basic college algebra review and 2.3practice and 2.4practice(no quiz part)  my account for mymathlab

market segmentation and target marketing 0

Some organizations feel that their products or services appeal to everyone. This being so, the organization may elect to not select specific target markets via the market segmentation process but instead consider every consumer part of their target market. Discuss the pitfalls of this approach in terms of the overall effectiveness of this type of […]