assginment 600 words

Question 1:

  1. You must decide what to do. Recognize that your own value system will play a part in your decision.
    1. List several alternatives that are available to you.
    2. Identify which ethical frameworks or principles most affected your decision making.
  2. Decide whether this could cause you “moral distress” if you were the nurse taking care of this patient. Elaborate on why this is the case…

Question 2:

Read an article published recently(less than 5 years) on a topic of your interest.

  1. Provide the citation and a written summary of your answers to the following questions:
    1. What is the research problem?
    2. What is the purpose statement?
    3. What were the initial hypotheses for this study?
    4. What was the study design?
    5. Where the hypotheses rejected or accepted?
    6. What was the overall conclusion of this paper?

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