arts rock music history and social analysis

Compare Little Richard’s performance of his original “Tutti Frutti” with Pat Boone’s cover performance of “Tutti Frutti.”

White Covers

As you watch Little Richard’s performance of Tutti Frutti, write down your thoughts. Describe what you are hearing and seeing. Use your own words. Musical jargon is not necessary. Pay particular attention to Little Richard’s singing style, movements and stage persona. Describe the rhythm. Tell the reader how the music makes you feel.

Then watch Pat Boone’s performance of the same song. Again, describe what you are hearing and seeing, this time paying particular attention to Boone’s singing style, movements and stage persona. Then compare the two performances. Describe the differences in style between the two artists and the differences in the rhythmic approaches in the two performances.

Finally, tell the reader which performance you liked better and why. Feel free to add your opinion about the practice of white covers in rock and roll music. I am more concerned about content rather than length, but all of this should take up roughly one typed, double-spaced page, using a 12 pt font. Use your team’s discussion forum to share your paper with your team members.

After all the students in your team have posted their statements, read them. Then add at least one comment (can be as short as a sentence) about each team member’s statement in the “Tutti Frutti”/White Covers in your team discussion board folder.

I will read all of your statements and then craft my own statement with my reaction to what the students in the class have written, and I will share this with all of you.


If you complete this assignment, you will receive 20 points: 10 points for your statement and 10 points for the comments you add to statements from the other students in your discussion group. I am interested in your honest opinion, so there are no “right or wrong” answers. I may take off points if your statement is too short (missing something), if your assignment is incomplete (ie. you fail to add at least one comment to each statement submitted by all the other members of your discussion group) or if there are grammatical and spelling problems. Do not submit a list. Your statement should be written in prose (sentences and paragraphs, etc.).

See the course schedule for due dates for original posts and response posts. See below for instructions about posting to the discussion board.

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