art history you will have several essay response questions to complete 2

1.Identify the following structures (not necessarily the name of the cathedral, but the name of the architectural innovations shown in the picture) and indicate what period they relate to. (pictures 11,22,33)

2.Compare and contrast the following images in terms of their use of perspective, naturalistic representation, and other stylistic conventions. Discuss their relationship to Classicism and make connections to specific cultures and terminology that you have studied in this course

We live today in a pluralistic society. For this last question, you will be choosing 3 works to compare and contrast:

1 work from the lineage of Western Culture that we have studied (from the text book)

1 work from a “Non-Western” culture that we have studied (from the text book)

1 contemporary work (not from the text book) (pictures 444,555,666)

3.You will be comparing these works according to several (more than 2) compositional aspects that we have studied this semester. Remember, it is not enough to just list information with each, you will need to compare/contrast.

Finally In your analysis, you should give concrete evidence the way in which the works show the influence of the cultures (or not) from the other works.

Remember to:

-Fully address all parts of the question

-Use citations properly

-Use terminology and support info that demonstrates your knowledge of the course material

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