annotated bibliography

Each student will select a communication topic  of his or her choice and identify/summarize 5 peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to your selected topic. These summaries must include the following content and cannot be the published abstract contained in article. Turning in the published abstract as your summary constitutes plagiarism. Your summary must include the following: theoretical approach, hypotheses/research questions, sample size, sample characteristics, description of method/procedures, description of instruments/scales, and concise statement of findings. Additional content should relate to your interests/how this article will inform your work. Each entry should be 150-250 words. A sample citation and summary will be provided in a separate handout ‘

thid is my topic :

.How Amiricans get the news . traditional media vs new media 

my goals are:

which media thay use to folle news.

which platform they think has more credibility

which news platform the most use.

to what degree is crediblity of online source coredibited .

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