analyze capital punishment and the death penalty using different perspectives 3

Capital punishment, or the death penalty, can be analyzed from three different perspectives: the legal perspective; the philosophical, oral, and ethical perspective; and the analysis of empirical data on deterrence, public opinion, and so on. The constitutionality of the death penalty under Eighth Amendment continues to be a controversial legal issue. Some members of the court have felt that it is a barbaric punishment that has no place in a civilized society. Others have taken the view that the mention of capital crimes in the Fifth Amendment is sufficient evidence that the imposition of capital punishment is constitutionally permissible under appropriate circumstances.

In your main post, respond to the following from a criminal justice practitioner’s perspective, supported by legal reasoning:

  1. Describe the capital crime or crimes in your jurisdiction.
  2. Articulate your position as to whether capital punishment is an appropriate punishment for offenses other than murder.
  3. Explain your perspective as to whether the manner in which capital punishment is imposed is a question of legality, morality, or emotion, considering public opinion.
  4. Explore how the implementation and enforcement of capital punishment could affect the mindset, philosophy, and/or actions of a criminal justice practitioner in carrying out their duties.

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