Accounting Homework.

Click the following file WellsCONSULTPriceminisetWORKINGPAPERS2015.xls to open the working papers you need to complete the Midterm–Mini-Practice Set 1–SERVICE BUSINESS ACCOUNTING CYCLE –Wells’ Consulting Services, at the end of Ch. 6.  This sums up the first six chapters of the book and the accounting cycle for a service business.  It contains 100 points or 10% of your grade to complete correctly this month of Wells’ transactions and complete the cycle with a trial balance on the worksheet, statements, adjustments, closing, and post-closing trial balance.

      My text and your custom published text have different pagination; SO, SKIP DOING STEP 1.  I have already put the post-closing trial balance amounts into the general ledger–please look through them–make sure the amounts are in the correct column; check to see if Drs. and Crs. equal each other before going to Step 2.

      Start at the top of Wells’ Consulting  and read downward.  SKIP instruction 1 except balancing and and normal balances.

      Next, Step 2, analyze the transactions starting with January 2,.  ONCE YOU OPEN THE ABOVE FILE, SAVE IT WITH YOUR LAST NAME PLUS WELLS AND SAVE IT.  When you are ready, you may do one of two things:

       1.  type directly into the file of the newly named/saved forms and save regularly.  When finished, submit in Canvas (browse, download final, submit)

        2.   OR, if you prefer, print out each of the working papers, complete the set by hand and THEN type it into the forms and submit.  Obviously, this will take longer.

         DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE TIME REQUIRED TO DO THIS.  10-12 hours spread over 5 days. 


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