abortion in alabama 1

This essay should be about abortion in Alabama state in United States.

You will do some research and find sources from Left to Right on the Media Bias Graph(uploaded file) about your topic, and you will show how these sources report on the topic. Analyze the topic yourself as well. The purpose is to go deeply into the topic on you own and to show your reader how coverage differs based on the news sources you found listed on the Media Bias Graph. Use sources from the Graph as much as possible in your paper.


1. You need a strong introduction that gets right to the topic and does not generalize.

2. Include a strong, clear thesis statement at the end of paragraph one.

3. Make sure each paragraph has a clear topic sentence and is organized.

4. QUOTE from articles/ sources in every paragraph. INTRODUCE the source you will use before quoting from it. Add an in-text citation after EVERY quote or use of information from a text. Example:

When Dolores Chen wrote that “pencils need to be thrown in the trash; nobody uses them today” (“The End of the Pencil” 23), I was shocked.

5. Don’t waste words! Don’t repeat yourself! Be concise!

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