ABA seminar questions

Week 7 seminar


1.           What are the steps that you take when creating a task analysis for later use with a chaining procedure with a client?

2.           How might your task analyses for the same skill differ from one client to the next?

3.           How would you make the choice of what type of chaining procedure to use when teaching a self-help skill to a client?



ABA week 8 seminar


1.     What are some resources that can help you effectively search for jobs in the ABA field? What Websites or other resources can you use to find job postings for BS-level ABA professionals?

2.     Discuss the importance of certification and ongoing professional development. Explain why these are important.



Week 9 seminar

1.           What kinds of problems would an ABA professional who specializes in organizational behavior deal with? How can the principles of behavior be applied to the problems that organizations face?

2.           How would you envision a “behavior change plan” looking when developed for a staff member? What would the similarities and differences be between this behavior plan and a more traditional plan developed by a behavior analyst?



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