a test developed at GTA University;

a test developed at GTA University;

Dr. Woz and Dr. Yaz want to test whether violent video games have an effect on aggressive thinking. In order to test aggressive thinking, Woz and Yaz are going to use a test developed at GTA University; scores greater than 70 on the test indicate agreement with statements that endorse aggressive behavior. They select a sample of n = 100 children from a local primary school for the study. Each of the students spends an hour playing a first-person shooter-type video game and then takes the test. The mean and standard deviation for the sample is M = 73 and s = 20. Woz and Yaz would like to know if the sample mean of 73 is statistically significantly different from 70 using a two-tailed test with α < .05 and critical values of t of ±1.98.

What is the null hypothesis for this test? H0: µ =

What is the estimated standard error for this test?

Calculate the value of t (round to two decimal places, if necessary)

Do you accept or reject the null hypothesis?

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