6 discussion and 1 bibliography 1


  • 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format.
  • Minimum of two sources to support your answer.
  • 200 word minimum
  1. Protected characteristics covered by equal employment opportunity laws and why they are important in today’s employment setting.
  2. Explain how you would conduct a job analysis in a company that has never had job descriptions. Utilize the O*Net as a resource for your information.
  3. If you became the new manager at a restaurant with high employee turnover, what actions would you take to increase retention of employees?
  4. What labor markets should be considered when recruiting to fill an opening for a housekeeping staff at a local hospital? What labor markets should be considered for staffing the chief surgeon for the local hospital?
  5. You are the HR manager for a commercial airline. You have been assigned to develop a realistic job preview for flight attendants. Your objective is to give a balanced picture of the job so that applicants will better understand what they will be asked to do. Job duties, schedules, and other facets of the job should all be well understood early in the recruiting process to avoid poor P/E fit later on.

How would you gather information about the job context and environment? Explain what sources you would use and why.

How could you use technology to show the positive and negative aspects of the job

  1. Why is evaluating training an important part of strategic training?

Note: Need 1 response for each discussion topic (total 6 discussion reply).

Annotated Bibliography:

  1. Two peer-reviewed articles in any business management topic
    • The reason the study was conducted
    • What research design was used (surveys, interviews, case study, etc.)
    • Which research analysis was used (MANOVA, ANOVA, Kruskal Wallace, etc.)
    • The results of the study along with any conclusions of the author(s)
  • APA format
  • 2 References
  • 400 words minimum

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