find a research story in the new (check CNN or FOX or MSNBC Apps)

Read the article, write a brief (2-3 sentence) explanation of the research 

then use the list below to tell briefly information in one or 2 sentences about the study for each question.

1.        What is the research problem/topic ( purpose of the study) 

2.       What is the research question? 

3.       Is there a hypothesis? (Type of hypothesis etc.) 

4.       What is the justification for study? 

5.       Research plan/method 

6.       Selecting the participants/sample 

7.       How was data collected? 

8.       How was data analyzed and interpreted :  ex. Statistical Analysis, Description of trends, comparison of groups relationships among variables. Comparison of results with predictions.

9.       How were results Reported and evaluated: Objective and unbiased, standard and fixed. 

  1.  What were the flaws, if any, in the research?

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