2 powerpoint slides team assignment

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to recommend a new information technology (IT) system for a human services organization. (someone should discuss the new IT program what it is about what it consists of) 

Identify and address the human services data that IT systems analysts and programmers would need for the development of your system. (talk about the data that the person using the IT program would need from the human service field such as finances and so on)

Prepare a role-play to illustrate how the staff of a human services organization would make decisions on purchasing a new computer system. Utilize a real organization or a fictional one. (This person need to do a role play to let the reader know what would need to be addressed in order to choose a program)  2 slides

Describe the human services your organization offers (self-explanatory) 

Role-play a meeting among the key decision makers of your organization on purchasing this system

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