1 function based analysis software system managing security home safehome system v54 given b

1. A function based analysis for a software system for managing security at home (safehome system v5.4) is given below: The system has three external inputs; password, panic button and activate/deactivate feature. There are two external inquiries; zone inquiry and sensor inquiry. One ILF (system configuration file), two external outputs (messages and sensor status) and four EIFs (test sensor, zone setting, activate/deactivate, and alarm alert) are also present. Assume that Σ(Fi)=46( this being a moderately complex software) and that the information domain values are all set to simple. i. Determine the Function Point (FP) for the safehome system ii. Assume that past data indicates that one FP translates into 60 lines of code (an object oriented language is to be used) and that 12 FPs are produced for each person-month of effort. Determine the effort required to produce the software and the size of the system in KLOC. iii. Assume further that past projects have found an average of three errors per FP during requirements and design reviews and four errors per FP during unit and integration testing. Estimate the expected errors during reviews as well as during unit and integration testing for safehome system.

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