1 4 short answer evaluating resources and searching for information

This assignment has 2 parts to it:

With regards to Assignment: 1-4 Short Answer: Evaluating Resources and Searching for Information

First Part

Please re-write (in my own words) the SCI 100 Website Evaluation Template (Attached-staceynelson-short answer template)

Second Part: 1-4 Short Answer

use the news story I selected 10 Scientific Laws and Theories You Really Should Know


and respond to the following:

1. Briefly summarize (in 1 to 2 sentences) the natural science topic featured in your chosen news story.

2. How would you go about finding more information on the topic that you chose? List at least two different sources that you would consider reliable.

3. Briefly explain why you think these are reliable sources of information to help you find out more about your topic

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